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Best Offer for Human Resources Consultancy was established in 2017 by a group of experts and specialists in human resources management. The company provides  services and consultations related to human resources in an advanced and appropriate way for the labor market in the Middle East and compatible with the economic changes that occur in the labor market. The company is a pioneer in the field of human resources consulting and the use of modern strategies in the Middle East, with offices in the heart of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh and Medina. We have a diverse network of clients from various private and government sectors, small, medium and large, and from various consulting needs related to establishing small and medium enterprises and building  integrated departments for human resources departments in different sectors. We aim to obtain excellence in providing management consulting that contributes to increasing employee productivity and .achieving high profits for companies


Best Offer for Human Resources Consulting is distinguished by identifying the client’s needs that ensure appropriate solutions to solve the obstacles within the organization and the ability to compete in the labor market.

Individual Approach

Best Offer for Human Resources Consulting enjoys effective and rapid communication with all our clients.

Modern Technologies

We have sufficient experience to make consultations in knowing what distinct programs for human resources management are appropriate for each sector.

Complex Sollutions

Always the best offer company offers distinctive and suitable suggestions and solutions for different institutions and companies.

Our achievement is in numbers

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The field of corporate structuring


The field of human resources management


The field of supply management


The field of human resources consulting


The field of supporting small and medium enterprises.


Providing management consulting services and specialized studies to acquire knowledge and skills.
Leading to Excellence in Performance and Creation of Loyalty to the Foundation to Facing Challenges and Future Changes
By using the latest technologies and developing tools and quality standards in consultations and studies at the global level, so that they provide the scientific and practical solutions that institutions need to develop their levels of quality and quality.

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Have a project for us?Call us now!

Ceo word

We are proud and proud that we are the best offer for HR consultants in providing services for founding companies
And to address the administrative problems that cause small enterprises to be unable to compete or help medium and large companies to raise their productivity and ability to compete in the labor market, Saif Management Consulting Office works in partnership and cooperation with a number of international and local companies in this field to transfer everything that is new in The field of human resources management that gained us experience and the ability to progress and grow. Saif Management Consulting Office, which was established in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as a leading office in the field of human resources consulting, works to establish small institutions, establish human resource departments in a manner that meets the needs of the institution to keep abreast of new developments in the labor market, address problems related to employment, training, performance indicators, and structuring Administration, payroll and compensation policies, policy and regulation design. Despite the difficult times we faced in our career during the previous years, we believe that we have successfully reached the customer’s trust by distinguishing communication from clients and providing services quickly and competitively. We have a highly qualified employee in Saif Human Resources Consulting Office, which has created for us a large segment of customers inside and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the high team spirit and the enthusiasm of employees has had a great role in gaining customer confidence and building strong relationships with companies with long experience In the field of human resources management, we all work to build a strong and prosperous future to improve the performance of the private and public sector and raise efficiency and productivity.


Our team of professionals with experience in human resources working hard to provide services to our clients in a distinctive way. We have a time to listen to you, use the best services related to human resources and business practices, and conduct the necessary research to analyze administrative problems related to your company or employees or about your specific situation. We can provide the most effective ways to ensure you get successful results.



Main Branch

Riyadh Front, Airport Road, first and second floors, building S4

Main Branch number:


Madinah Branch:

8779 Prince Abdul Mohsen Bin Abdulaziz Road, Al-Sadd District, Medina

Madinah Branch Number


Postal Code 42382, PO Box 3516


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